Bible Study Fellowship

Calvary is a praying church. Each Wednesday evening at 6:30 we meet for Bible study and prayer. We are currently studying 1 Thessalonians for 30 minutes, then sharing prayer requests and separating into prayer groups. We make it clear that no one is pressured into praying aloud, but everyone who wishes to participate aloud may. This meeting is over at 7:30. A prayer chain is active when someone has an immediate need.

Children's Ministries

There is Bible teaching on Sunday morning at 9:45 for children of all ages.

There is church for children. They worship with their parents in the auditorium until just before the sermon.

There are monthly meetings for teaching, crafts, games, food and fun. Kids' night is for the younger children.

Each summer we have a week of special Bible study, games, crafts, games, food and fun, called Vacation Bible School.


Calvary supports efforts throughout the world to win the lost to Christ.

David and Peggy Pardini are serving the Lord in Hong Kong. Their responsibilities include church planting, teaching and administration at China Baptist Theological College and giving seminars to train pastors in other Asian countries. They are also serving with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism.

Dorretta Brown serves the Dominican Republic.

Calvary also contributes to several missionaries through International Gospel Missions:

Wilson Maungo works in Kenya, as do the Orinda brothers and Paul Obangi. Nilo Timkang serves in the Philippines. Eral Lewis serves in Jamaica. Rafael Lubaton is the coordinator for the Philippines. Calvary has a prayer and financial interest in all of these ministries.

Calvary supports the Young Family in Russia, the Case Family in Mexico, the Zang famliy in China, Thongdys in Laos and other ministries in areas too sensitive to name the missionaries faithfully preaching the gospel in those places. 

In addition, Calvary has a prayer interest in the ministries of other missionaries.

Sermons on Podcast

Current sermons by Pastor Josh can be heard at www.fortbraggchurch.podbean.com.

Many more messages from Calvary's past are available in video at truthcasting.com. Select "C" and then Calvary Baptist, Fort Bragg, CA